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Special Spa Packages

Signature Spa Service at ADOBE GRAND VILLAS Couples Spa

Indulge in luxury and elevate your relaxation to a whole new level with Adobe Grand Villas resort spa services. A variety of Spa Services to accommodate your every desire! A relaxing and spiritual reconnecting to spirit awaits you at the Adobe Grand Villas Couples Spa. This is sure to make your Sedona, Arizona vacation complete!

Our Combo-Deluxe Spa Services @ The ADOBE GRAND VILLAS Couples Spa

60 minute or 90 minute sessions
$110.00 / $185.00 Per Person

Sedona Hikers Delight Session ~ A 90 minute session.
A one hour Hot Stone Massage followed by a 30 minute Foot reflexology treatment. Pamper those tired feet and nurture your body, mind and spirit!

Sedona Desert Rose Session ~ A 90 minute session.
A 30 minute focus basic Aroma massage on the back, neck and shoulders. Followed by a one hour skin nourishing honey facial massage which of course includes a hand and foot massage. Simply put, this session is heaven.

Sedona Express me Session ~ A 60 minute session.
Thinking of a little tune up upon your arrival here? This is sure to get you in the mood for your relaxing stay at he Grand Adobe Villas! A 30 minute focus therapeutic massage on the back, neck and shoulders. Followed by a 30 minute foot reflexology treatment. Think of this as an appetizer to our spa menu.

Other "Rejuvenating" Spa Services At ADOBE GRAND VILLAS Couples Spa

60 / 90 minute sessions available
$100.00 / $150.00
Per Person

Therapeutic “Integrative” Massage
Therapeutic Massage is an integration of different massage techniques promoting relaxation, improving circulation, enhancing overall skin tone and soothes muscle tension. Techniques are intuitively geared toward your needs and may include: Swedish, range of motion, focus work, reflexology, and reiki. Therapeutic massage helps to restore balance and ensure a sense of well being throughout your system.

Swedish Massage
A classic Swedish massage uses long flowing and connective strokes which impart a feeling of reconnecting to spirit and sense of well-being in the body mind connection.

Pregnancy Massage ~ 60 and 90 minute sessions available
Rejuvenating mothers’ body and soul while under going this time of enormous physiological changes. This nurturing massage aids low back stress, circulation and provides relaxation for the mother-to-be.
(Mother-to-be must be past the first trimester and in good physical health.)

In Room Massage ~ Add $75.00 to service for in room massage sessions at Adobe Grand Villas.
Receive a massage in the comfort of your own Villa. All "Rejuvenating" Spa Services are available in room as well as: Reiki, Acupressure, Lymphatic Drainage, CranioSacral, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Medicinal Aromatherapy Massage. Please be specific when requesting a special treatment.

Reiki is pronounced “ray-key”. “Rei” means universal “higher dimension of light and the soul”. “Ki” means vital life force of energy. Reiki is the force behind the Yin and the Yang. This unique, powerful and ancient healing method is a hands-on and aura field healing system working on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of the body. A gentle yet powerful healing energy; flowing through the ki of the body. Clearing, causing the negative energy (blockages) to break apart and fall away within the physical/ethic pathways of the body.
Session may be performed with client in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.

Our Speciality Spa Services @ The ADOBE GRAND VILLAS Couples Spa

60 / 90 minute sessions available unless noted otherwise.
$125.00 / $175.00 Per Person

Hot Stone Massage
Allow an ancient therapy to transcend tensions and stress. Smoothly, polished Basalt stones are heated to a perfect temperature which are used in corporation with Swedish techniques. A tandem experience of deep heat penetrating muscle and nurturing reconnecting of spirit not soon to be forgotten.

A light-touch therapy. The therapist light hands-on approach simply assists the hydraulic forces inherent in the craniosacral system to improve your body’s internal environment and strengthen its ability to heal itself. Releasing restrictions and imbalances within the system that could potentially cause sensory, motor or neurological dysfunction.
Session may be performed with client in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.

Crystal Healing Massage
Crystals are placed on the body, under the table and in the room during your session. Crystals are used in conjunction with energy work and physical manipulation which helps to pull, send and disperse energy within your energetic/auric field. Crystals on the body greatly enhance and facilitate the healing process. This session is very healing, relaxing, creates shifts within the system and a lovely experience for all who choose it.

Acupressure is like acupuncture, but instead of needles it uses finger pressure on the “acu-points” to reduce stress, release tension and balance the body-mind energy. Working the meridians of the bodies system helps to create a sense of balance and restores the joy of feeling.
Session may be performed with client in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.

Polarity Therapy
Polarity is a healing art involving energy-based bodywork and self-awareness. It works with the Human Energy Field, electromagnetic patterns expressed in mental, emotional and physical experience. In Polarity Therapy, health is viewed as a reflection of the condition of the energy field, and therapeutic methods are designed to balance the field for health benefit.

Basic Aroma Massage
Escape into a kingdom of blissful relaxation. Using Organic and 100% medicinal grade essential oils in a carrier base of organic coconut, vitamin E, and almond or sunflower carrier oil. Choose from Focus, Skin Rejuvenation (also contains hemp oil), Clearing or Romance blend. Created exclusively for the Adobe Grand Spa by Cosmic Essential Oils, Sedona, AZ. These Pure Aromatic body oils vibrate to the highest frequency of mother nature herself. A great introduction to Medicinal Aromatherapy!

Lymphatic Drainage
Using massage to manually manipulate and pump lymph fluids increases the bodies ability to fight disease and clear out impurities. This massage will feel wonderful and aid the body in returning to health.

Lomi Lomi ~ A 90 minute session.
Aloha. Using this age-old modality of Hawaiian style body and breath work we facilitate the weaving of love, breath and spirit to unravel old wounds. This sacred space provides the opportunity to heal the emotional as well as the physical body. A new sense of peace and rejuvenation are often experienced after receiving this very intimate and loving Hawaiian massage.

Aztec Mud Mask Face, Hand and Foot Massage ~ A 60 minute session.
Indulge yourself with this wonderfully relaxing face, hand and foot massage. We begin with a relaxing head neck and face massage, then apply the Aztec mud while we massage your feet and hands. This relaxing session will make you feel like you are in paradise.

Deep Tissue Massage
Using slower deeper strokes we focus on specific areas of tension enabling the body to relax. The deeper pressure combined with classic Swedish massage strokes to provide you with a relaxing and healing massage.

Reflexology ~ A 60 minute session.

Indulge your feet and hands to an hour of massage. This ancient style of bodywork relaxes and works your whole being. By pressing on the feet and hands you stimulate “Reflex” points throughout the whole body. After a session of Reflexology you feel as though you have had a full-body massage.
(This treatment is contraindicated for the mother-to-be.)

Therapeutic Sound and Toning
Vibrational healing techniques (tuning forks) combined with ancient energy medicine. Relax while having your energies balanced, neuro points and meridian channels opened with toning vibrations! This session is recommended as a one on one experience with therapist, to achieve full benefit. Session offered by Bobbi Moore only.

Our Designer Spa Services @ The ADOBE GRAND VILLAS Couples Spa

These therapist are trained in a specialty modality which originates from our very own local ~ Sedona, AZ. These treatments are definitely one of a kind designer created. Only a few therapist are certified in these specialized modalities, so appointments are by availability of specialty therapist.

Medicinal Aromatherapy Massage ~ A 90 minute session, $185.00 Per Person
Follow your bliss! Using 100% organic, wild, bio-grown, medicinal grade essential oils. Relaxing through olfactory while every pore drinks in the kingdom of the divine essence of nature, creating a symphony of inner wisdom merging spiritual, mental, emotional and physical to an optimal healing level. This will awaken your true nature to feel states of grace which leave you feeling more rejuvenated and aware. This session is designed to address the CNS, Immune, Endocrine, Digestive, Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Lymphatic Systems. Your therapist will incorporate soothing massage stokes, healing touch and intuitive guidance on your journey into this new dimension. Harnessing the healing energy of nature!

Crystals of Light Healing Sessions ~ A 90 minute session, $185.00 Per Person

The Crystals of Light are Multi-Dimensional, Inter-Dimensional healing tools. Their function is to heal the body and to activate Multi-Dimensional levels of awareness. To not only heal the body, but to bring forth information, knowledge, truth, experience and guidance. They will assist all those who come into contact with them on their journey of Spiritual Ascension.Benefits of a session with the Crystals of Light include:Expansion of Multi-Dimensional Awareness, Strengthened Inner Guidance System, Acknowledging Your Perfect Health, Cellular Restructuring and Repair, Chakra Repair and Regeneration, Restoring the Body to Purity, Life Purpose Recognition, Increased Self Love and Fear Eradication.

Partners Sharing through Loving Touch Massage ~ A two hour journey, $260.00
Learn the basic art of sharing massage with your partner, in the intimate setting of your very own Villa (In Room Only). Giving and receiving that loving touch to one another. Your guide on this special journey will assist in teaching basic massage techniques which will aid you both in de-stressing and relaxing one another on new levels. Creating a stronger healing and loving bond between couples on your intimate journey in this life together. An eight oz. Jar of Aromatic Bath Salts Created exclusively for the Adobe Grand Villas by Cosmic Essential Oils, Sedona, AZ. For this very special occasion, is given to you when your therapist leaves, so your journey may continue in our luxurious tubs. All you need now is that bottle of champagne! How Romantic!


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